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Re: Pet peeve about WBUR

No, there really is no station that is _legally_ 
entitled to ID as WBUR-AM. The W Yarmouth AM 1240 is 
WBUR (AM), and when the "AM" is in parens, it is legally 
not supposed to be spoken. If the calls were WBUR-AM, 
then it would be legal to speak the "AM" as part of the 
calls. But whereas the FCC, in its written 
communications, sometimes puts "(AM)" after a station's 
calls, (especially when there is an FM with the same 
root call), it does not issue calls with a -AM suffix. 
Officially, US AMs have calls with no suffix.

WBUR could easily rectify its error. Instead of 
saying "1240, WBUR-AM W Yarmouth," all they need to do 
is say "1240 AM, WBUR W Yarmouth." Same number of 
syllables, just move "AM" in front of WBUR, instead of 
after it.

However, a couple of years ago, WBUR GM Jane Christo 
fired an announcer for substituting the grammatical "as 
do" for the ungrammatical "along with" in the 
underwriting credits. Jane, who is reputedly one of the 
highest paid execs in Boston radio, runs WBUR with an 
iron hand, and the staff it not up to a showdown with 
her on such a trivial issue. 
> Actually there is a WBUR AM it is in West Yarmouth also owned and
> operated by Boston University, it simulcasts WBUR FM.