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Re: The "Forgotten" Demographic

Well, it looks as if Sageport may turn into a mildly 
interesting site, but a gaffe on the radio links page 
is, umm, disconcerting. WBEC "Boston" is at the other 
end of the state--in Pittsfield. I shouldn't be too hard 
on the new site. though; it's still in beta.

I'm copying Nancy Leonard at WMEX on this message in the 
hope that she can persuade the Sageport folks to include 
a link to WMEX's excellent site among Sageport's radio 
links. I guess a link to the site of WMEX's senior's 
show, Living Longer and Better, would also be 
appropriate. After all, one of the hosts of LLAB is Ken 
Meyer, who used to host an old-time-radio show on 
another station, and so is a true expert on old-time 
radio. As the original message mentioned, old-time radio 
has its own links page at the Sageport site.

> In light of past discussion (both here and other radio-related groups) 
> of radio formats aimed at "seniors" and some of the difficulties 
> (real & perceived) of selling commercial time on those shows,
> I'd like to point out a new Web Site aimed specifically at the 55+ age 
> bracket.  It includes entertainment including TV and special sections 
> on "Radio" and "Classic Radio".  The Radio section links to WBUR and
> WBEC (not yet finished) .  The Classic Radio section links to 
> "Radio Days", "When Radio Was", "Yesterday USA" and 
> "The Vintage Library"
> This site is expected to be fully functional by October, but it is in
> beta right now (i.e. some links aren't right), and you can check out 
> what's already done at:
> http://www.sageport.com