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Bob: As a former owner, you probably still keep tabs on WNEB. Is the station
still on the air? Is it still owned by Grace Broadcasting (WJLT)? WNEB and
WJLT used to simulcast. And at night, when WJLT leased WKOX for J-Light
Overnight on WKOX, they always used to ID as WJLT Ashland-Boston and WNEB
Worcester. I've listened to WJLT a few times in the past couple of days and
I have not heard the WNEB calls even once during the day or overnight on
WKOX. I can't imagine that business is so good that they can support
separate programming in Ashland and Worcester, can they?

And does anyone know whether WJLT is still transmitting from Mt Wayte Ave? I
know that the studios are still there but is the TX? When WMEX went on with
high power and 650 became WJLT, it seemed as though the 650 signal got a lot
weaker. That could just mean that Grady Moates stopped doing the audio for
WJLT and WJLT lost the recipe for sounding loud. But it could also mean that
when WMEX upped its power, WJLT began operating from Sewell St under an STA.
Sewell St is a little further from my house than Mt Wayte Ave is and the
ground conductivity at Sewell St apparently isn't nearly as good.

WJLT has applied to move to Sewell St using 2 kW-D DA-D. I'm assuming that
if WJLT is operating from Sewell St under STA, the facilities are still 250W
ND-D. Or the power might even be a little less because of the nominally
higher antenna efficiency. The towers at Sewell St are taller than those at
Mt Wayte, and the ground system is better (even if the soil conductivity is
worse). Also, the FCC apparently never made the connection that if the Mt
Wayte towers were top loaded for 1200 and 1060, they were also top loaded
for 650. So 650's entry in the FCC database understates the antenna
efficiency, though probably not by much.

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