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messing up a live commercial

Well, if this isn't every d.j.'s worst nightmare-- saying the wrong
sponsor's name on a live read... I am here in Minneapolis doing research and
attending the Conclave, and was listening to a local news/talk show on KSTP
in St Paul.  So the jock starts doing a commercial for "CAR-X", which I
gather does lubes and oil changes, and he is trying to ad-lib the copy to
make it sound more sincere (our good friend Jim, the manager will take
wonderful care of your car...), except he gets to the end of the spot and
goes "So don't forget, when you need an oil change, take your car to Jiffy
Lube!"  He then realises what he did and says "Oh no, I don't believe I said
that-- I meant take your car to Car-X!  Must have been a Freudian slip..."
I wonder if they gave Car-X a make-good... (I wonder if the jock really
prefers Jiffy Lube...)  Betcha the next time the commercial comes up, it's
pre-recorded by somebody else!!!