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RGITSCHIER@doyle.navy.mil writes:

<< ZNS-1 really kicks butt all throughout the Caribbean, Central America, the
 Pacific, Ecuador, and Colombia... >>

THAT far away, huh?   I remember about 8 years ago, the ZNS-1 (1540) sticks 
were damaged due to hurricanes (or just neglect), the signal was poor, and if 
one approaches the unmanned transmitter site on a dead-end road on near the 
shore on the northwest side of New Providence Island, he'll be attacked by a 
dozen fierce homelss dogs who make their home in the shade of the entrance of 
the transmitter building.  One of the two towers was damaged for a long time, 
with 1/6th of the tower fallen off (the TOP 6th).   Prior to 1993, the ZNS-1 
signal was quite poor.  Then, about 7 years ago, ZNS put some $$$ into their 
station and suddenly the signal was EVERYwhere.  While on the Bahamian island 
of "Cat Island"  and "San Salvador" about 175 and 225 miles east of Nassau,  
1540 blasted in, not only on 1540, but 1530, 20, 50 & 60.   ZNS-1 beams (with 
2 towers) directional to the southeast (where Cat Island & San S are), but I 
would not have even imagined that ZNS would make it to Colombia which is 
southWEST.   -  But I guess if 1540 is the sole Bahamian clear channel,  I 
guess that's respected by south & central american countries as well.   Does 
anyone know if ZNS-1 1540 has increased from 10kw to 50kw?    The upgrade of 
the signal in the past 6 years or so MAY have had something to do with the 
fact that the gov't 6 or 7 years ago started to allow privately-owned 
stations.  Prior to 1993, it was government-only broadcasting.
BTW,  one of the other two gov't owned AM's is on 1230, also IDing as Nassau 
(ZNS-2).  It seems to be all religious. (separation of church & state????).  
The funny thing about this station is that its tower is 10 miles from Nassau 
, with, I think, only 1kw, and at night IN Nassau, gets intereference from 
USA 1230's.
The third ZNS station (ZNS-3) is at 820 (was 830), and has 3 towers, and aims 
for Bahamian territory not covered as well by ZNS-1, such as Grand Bahama, 
Abaco, Berry Islands. (since they are north or northeast of ZNS-1).
    According to travel literature ZNS stands for "Zephyr Nassau Sunshine".