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There are three stations here of the Armed Forces Radio Network, 1340khz
(rather low modulation) and 102.1 and 103.1. I hear alot of NPR on 1340 as
well as CNN network nx andball games, etc... 102.1/103.1 rotate formats
basically Classic Rock, Urban and Country syndicated programs taken off of
the bird and inserting mostly localized PSAs. The ID is basically "You're
listening to the Navy Media Service Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. They finally got
on the stick about inserting local IDs and announcements.  Earlier in the
Cruise it was really just birdfeed. I've been recording them on and off.
ZNS-1 really kicks butt all throughout the Caribbean, Central America, the
Pacific, Ecuador, and Colombia... I finally got my station I worked for back
home while in Montego Bay. Now getting all the Jamaican FMs here maybe on
skip. All across the dial, not many Cubans out on FM... 

Heading home real soon finally!

Take care, Bob!

73s & Happy Broadcasting!

Ron Gitschier

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> Isn't there a W--- station located at GTMO Bay?
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