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Re: Turn AM DA's into tourist attractions

On Wed, 12 Jul 2000 dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:

> Thanks, Rob. I found the Web page at
> http://www.valcom-guelph.com/lowfreq/v33070.html
> There's also a second page that describes a 49' version. 
> Both pages contain a lot of specifications, but an 
> important spec that I could not find is the efficiency. 
> I suspect that, at least at the low-frequency end of the 
> AM band, the efficiency does not meet the FCC minimum 
> requirements for standard broadcast stations.

My Valcom literature includes a letter from Ron Rackley, WSHP's consulting
engineer, who states that the antenna produces 133 mV/M at one kilometer
for 222 watts, which is equivalent to 282 mV/m at 1.0 kW. He states that
the WSHP antenna therefore meets the requirements of Section 73.189.

Rob Landry