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A few years ago I went to Niagara Falls and heard a
travelers info station at 91.9 (since moved to
another frequency): "You're listening to C-F-L-Zee,
or if you prefer, C-F-L-Zed... C-Falls--broadcasting
from the top of the Skylon Tower..." (that tower is on
the Ontario side of the falls).

The pronunciation of "Z" thusly was perhaps to avoid
confusion with letters like "C", "D", "G", etc.
to how some people in other countries (and maybe here
as well) "cross" their "7"s to avoid confusion with
the number "1".

--- John Bolduc <n1qgs@yahoo.com> wrote:
Are there any
> examples
> of Canadian stations (perhaps in the Maritimes) that
> pronounce Z as ZED. (Or any other country with Z's)

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