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I remember one time many moons ago....when NBC was premiering a new sitcom 
starring Diana Rigg....at the same time WBZ radio was launching its 
ill-fated "Commuter Computer Club Car" (or whatever it was) service...and 
they had Ms Rigg do promos on Channel 4.  Apparently they filmed it several 
times....but she kept saying "zed"....and they finally just used the outtakes.

At 12:26 PM 07/12/2000 -0700, John Bolduc wrote:
>The mention of calls signs such as WBZ makes me think
>of the letter Z. In the US we pronounce that letter
>ZEE. However, I have a tape of ZBM Bermuda from about
>1981, where the Z is said ZED. Are there any examples
>of Canadian stations (perhaps in the Maritimes) that
>pronounce Z as ZED. (Or any other country with Z's)
>I can hear it now, Double-Ewe Bee Zed.
>Derry NH
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