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John Bolduc wrote:
> The mention of calls signs such as WBZ makes me think
> of the letter Z. In the US we pronounce that letter
> ZEE. However, I have a tape of ZBM Bermuda from about
> 1981, where the Z is said ZED. Are there any examples
> of Canadian stations (perhaps in the Maritimes) that
> pronounce Z as ZED. (Or any other country with Z's)
> I can hear it now, Double-Ewe Bee Zed.

Doesn't hurt that the letter Z in French is pronounced, "zed." 
(Memories of Fischer Z(ed)).  When calling me sis in Australia, the
voice mail standard is "for further instructions, press the 'hash' (#)
key."  Enough to give you a hashing headache.  Are we the only country
to "pound" hash?

Bill O'Neill