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Re: Turn AM DA's into tourist attractions

dan.strassberg@att.net wrote:
> I was sitting in Uno's having luch today and watching
> the tall ships arrive in Boston harbor on the big-screen
> TV, when it hit me. 

...a nice, refreshing beverage with that meal, Dan?

> At least for three- and four-tower in-line DAs (well,
> ones with guy-supported towers, anyway), why not deck
> them out with sails, so they resemble tall ships? Then
> build motels over the ground system--maybe motels
> designed to look like the hulls of sailing vessels, with
> bunk beds and portholes in the rooms to give them a
> nautical flavor. Mel Karmazin should really see revenue
> opportunities in this!

"Salted Fish Fridays" would be the obvious promotion.  Salty Brine
would be proud of your suggestion, IMHO.  A talker could say, "More
than just our sails flap in the breeze...check out our AM yappers..."


Bill O'Neill