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Maritime radio

A few more comments on radio in NB and NS, derived largely from
the trip Garrett and I took there two years ago...

The CHSJ calls exist only on FM these days (94.1 Saint John).  When
Garrett and I visited, the 700 had been dark for several months but
the towers were still standing, a dozen or so km west of downtown
Saint John.  CHSJ-TV was purchased by the CBC in the mid-90s and is
now known as CBAT; it still operates from studios in Saint John (I think!)
and has several transmitters around the province, notably channel 4
serving Saint John and Fredericton from Mount Champlain and channel 7 (I 
believe that's right) serving Moncton.  There's also a channel 6 up in
the northwestern part of the province that hits Edmundston and parts of
northern Maine.

The 1320 is CKEC New Glasgow NS; it also puts the best signal into 
Charlottetown PEI of any off-island station.  It's a wonder it hasn't
(yet) moved to FM.