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>Kevin wrote--
>As a result of the move, Infinity will retire the WMAQ call letters, which
>stand for We Must Ask Questions, which were assigned to the station in 1922.

At the risk of being the list's curmudgeon, the call letters for WMAQ 
didn't stand for anything.  They were sequentially assigned by the 
Department of Commerce.  Once the calls were handed out, the station came 
up with a slogan to match them.  But the station itself, run by the late 
great Judith Waller, had an interest in doing educational programming, so 
this slogan fit them nicely.

I am always sad to see venerable call letters retired.  It is rare to have 
a station like WBZ which keeps its original calls from day one.  Most of 
the call letter changes of heritage stations reflect the belief that 
listeners don't care about history... sigh...