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I think the 660 chronology (sans dates) is WEAF 
(originally owned by AT&T), WNBC, WRCA, WNBC, WFAN.

There was a time when RCA was hung up on having "RC" in 
its stations' calls. WRC in washington (now WTEM) had, 
in that day, always been WRC. I don't know what it was 
immediately after WRC, but it must have been some other 
four-letter call sign, because it then became WWRC (the 
closest the new ownership could get to the original 
three-letter calls). I think it remained WWRC until it 
flipped calls with co-owned WTEM.

KYW, which had been traded to NBC for WTAM became WRCV 
(for RCA-Victor), and WNBC became WRCA. WTAM, under 
Westinghouse ownership, became KYW. And when the courts 
threw out the forced Cleveland/Philadelphia swap, the 
station became WKYC (The WTAM calls were then otherwise 
occupied, I believe, and NBC chose calls that suggested 
the immediately previous KYW calls, which moved back to 

As far as I know, though, the San Francisco station, 
currently KNBR, was never involved in the RC madness. It 
was once KPO and, as far as I know, went from KPO to 
KNBC to KNBR. I think KRCA would have been a natural, 
but I don't believe that those calls ever stopped at 680 
in SF.

Man, does this get confusing!

>         The call letter history of WEAF/660 I'm even hazier on. I think
> maybe it became WRCA at some point, but it may have gone from WEAF to WNBC
> to WRCA and then back to WNBC.