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>Garrett Wollman wrote:
>It was WRCA when channel 30 in New Britain was WNBC.

        And I believe that the first time the WNBC calls were used was on
what's now WPOP/1410 Hartford. Originally licensed to New Britain, that
station used those calls back in the 30s and 40s, originally to stand for
New Britain, Connecticut. I have a 1936 list that shows it with no network
affiliation and a 1942 list showing it as NBC Blue (the one that became
ABC). The 1946 list shows it changed to WHTD. I wonder if the station
wanted to change to help its "new" identity as the ABC affiliate.
        Before the split, NBC wasn't really the key phrase, as they seemed
to do more promotion, for obvious reasons, of the Red or the Blue network.
In Boston, NBC switched the old Red network (the one it was keeping, and
the one considered the more valuable) from WNAC to WBZ (which had always
been Blue). NBC obviously stayed with WTIC in Hartford, the old Red