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For all the information  and sound files on WABC, WMCA, and WMGM for that
matter, check out



"Martin J. Waters" wrote:

> >Don Kelley wrote:
> >I believe WABC's immediate prior calls were WMGM.
>         The station on 770, and on 760 before that, was WJZ from its start
> until it changed to WABC. It was the flagship of whichever NBC network
> became ABC.
>         WHN/1050 switched to the WMGM calls (in the '50s, I think) and
> switched back, again, I think, sometime in the '60s or '70s. It was WHN
> when it was country.
>         The "original" WABC that Donna Halper mentioned is the station on
> 880, now WCBS. It was always the flagship of CBS, which bought it quite
> early on from Atlantic Broadcasting Co., which was just a local station
> owner, or just bought Atlantic Broadcasting. But it left the calls alone
> until, I think, the early 1940s, but changed them before the ABC network
> existed.
>         The call letter history of WEAF/660 I'm even hazier on. I think
> maybe it became WRCA at some point, but it may have gone from WEAF to WNBC
> to WRCA and then back to WNBC.
>         Somewhere there's a website with a detailed chronology of the call
> letter / frequency change history of all the stations, including defunct
> stations, in NYC.