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>Don Kelley wrote:
>I believe WABC's immediate prior calls were WMGM.

        The station on 770, and on 760 before that, was WJZ from its start
until it changed to WABC. It was the flagship of whichever NBC network
became ABC.

        WHN/1050 switched to the WMGM calls (in the '50s, I think) and
switched back, again, I think, sometime in the '60s or '70s. It was WHN
when it was country.

        The "original" WABC that Donna Halper mentioned is the station on
880, now WCBS. It was always the flagship of CBS, which bought it quite
early on from Atlantic Broadcasting Co., which was just a local station
owner, or just bought Atlantic Broadcasting. But it left the calls alone
until, I think, the early 1940s, but changed them before the ABC network

        The call letter history of WEAF/660 I'm even hazier on. I think
maybe it became WRCA at some point, but it may have gone from WEAF to WNBC
to WRCA and then back to WNBC.

        Somewhere there's a website with a detailed chronology of the call
letter / frequency change history of all the stations, including defunct
stations, in NYC.