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At 09:33 AM 7/7/00 -0400, you wrote:
>I believe WABC's immediate prior calls were WMGM.

WMGM were the calls used by WHN during one of their ownerships.  The 1050 
frequency is currently WEVD.  EVD standing for Eugene V. Debbs, the liberal 
social activist. WEVD is a talk station.
During its MGM rock days, some of the names heard on the air were Ted Brown 
(and the Redhead), Marty Glickman, Jimmy Fiddler from Hollywood and Peter 
Tripp, the curly haired kid in the third row.  I believe he headed off for 
CA when the Payola scandals hit.Tripp being very well known for his DJ 
staying awake the longest gig. Tripp also started the Top-40 countdown 
show.  BTW, He passed away last year in CA.