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Absolutely NOT! The WMGM calls (now, I believe, on an FM 
in the Atlantic City area) were on 1050 in New York (now 
WEVD). 1050 flipped from WHN to WMGM, to WHN, to WFAN, 
to WUKQ, to WEVD. Scott Fybush can supply the exact 
dates, I'm sure.

During its first incarnation as WHN and also during most 
of its WMGM years, the station was owned by Loew's 
Theaters (more specifically, I think, by Marcus Loew). 
Storer Broadcasting flipped it back to WHN and beautiful 
music (with several former Boston personalities--Bill 
Marlowe and Norm Tulin of the old WORL; Tulin was Norm 
Stevens at WHN). This was a rare case in which the FCC 
allowed the resurrection of three-letter calls by a 
company other than that which owned the station when it 
originally had the three-letter calls.

The station became WFAN under Emmis and then, when Emmis 
acuired the 660 frequency and moved the sports-talk 
format and calls there, was traded temporarily to (I 
believe) Spanish Broadcasting (which renamed 1050 to 
WUKQ). Spanish then swapped 1050 plus cash to Forward 
Association for WEVD-FM, which I think was then renamed 
WSKQ-FM. (WSKQ (AM) was on 620 in Newark.) 1050 then 
became WEVD, rightfully restoring historic calls to a 
place on the New York AM dial.

770 in New York (760 pre-NARBA) has, as far as I know, 
had only two sets of calls, WJZ and WABC. And as already 
observed in several recent posts here, the WABC calls 
were on 880 (860 pre-NARBA) until 880 became WCBS (on 
the same day that 660 became WNBC). The WABC calls were 
then unused for several years until they were picked up 
by the then WJZ. Before CBS acquired the first WABC 
(860/880), the WABC calls had stood for Atlantic 
Broadcasting Co.

And now you know...the REST of the story.

> I believe WABC's immediate prior calls were WMGM.