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Re: rumor: is Salem buying?

 As for a Spanish religious station, I suspect that that would be WKOX. I 
doubt that, under
> Salem ownership, the station would continue programming in Spanish. I don't
> think Salem owns any foreign-language stations or religious stations with a
> non-Protestant orientation. (Both Mssrs Atsinger and Epperson are alumni of
> Bob Jones University, and you may remember from "W" Bush's visit there
> earlier this year what the Jones folks think about Catholics.)  However, if
> Salem is again interested in WKOX (they wanted it before they bought 590),
> the idea might well involve buying WESX and taking it dark to permit a move
> of WKOX's TX to WEZE's Wellington circle site, where it would become a major
> Boston signal--albeit with some pretty severe nighttime coverage problems in
> the western suburbs.
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Hmm..but now, keep in mind Salem intends to keep a Modern AC and Alternative
format intact (Dever and Dallas) when they take over some FMs. So, Spanish
religion isn't THAT far out of the picture, IMHO.

D. Luke Steele