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Re: rumor: is Salem buying?

Dan Strassberg wrote :

> I could see Salem in play for WROL, but there will
> be other bidders. Salem has been known to pay top dollar, but they know what
> a station is worth to them, and they don't often overpay. 

Well, I thought WROL's owner wanted to sell only to a group that would keep
a religious format geared toward Roman Catholics dominate Boston area's demographics.
That's why the previously announced CRN deal made total sense.

Salem's Christian Convservative programming in this area(on WEZE) could be best described
as missionary. They claim to have 100,000 listeners in the Greater Boston. WEZE is doing
really well and is making money for Salem. As a matter of fact, WEZE's business is so good,
they have a backlog of religious talk and music programming which they need to make room for on
their schedule. Thus, a need for a second signal which Salem has been shopping for since early
spring. So far, no deals.

I don't know if WROL's owner would agree to sell 950 to Salem based on the type of
programming and the smaller niche audience Salem is going after in Boston...

> As for a Spanish religious station, I suspect that that would be WKOX. I doubt that, under
> Salem ownership, the station would continue programming in Spanish.

WKOX's progamming(primarily religious talk) is now mostly in Portugese and it's serving a very
large Brazilian community in MetrowWest. Drive thru downtown Marlboro(now called Braziltown)
sometime and see all the Brazilian flags and signs on every store front and business establishment
and you'll see why WKOX is selling time to a Brazilian immigrant community. There's still
some Spanish-language shows on WKOX but not as many before Mega bought WBPS AM 890 a couple
years ago....


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