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On 8 Jul 2000,  David W. Harris wrote:

> The confusion for New York listeners
> is certainly plausible, though; it was resolved on Saturday, November 2,
> 1946, when WABC and WABC-FM became WCBS and WCBS-FM.  The same day saw WEAF
> and WEAF-FM change to WNBC and WNBC-FM.

This is certainly a definitive history, as far as it goes.  It leaves the 
television stations, WNBT and WCBW.  I believe that WNBT kept those call 
letters until it became WRCA-TV in the early 50s, and eventually became 
WNBC-TV sometime in the 60s, along with corresponding changes in the call 
letters of its sister radio stations.  But when did WCBW become WCBS-TV?

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