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Re: WBZ overnights

>Ed Brouder quoted from an old WBZ promo sheet:
> The decision has proven
>to be a valid one for six months later Jeff was moved into the WBZ
>afternoon slot."  My best guess is that Kaye preceeded Dick Summer on the
>all-night show.

        For reasons that are a deep mystery, I have a very clear memory
that by the fall of 1963, and probably as early as the spring of 1963, Mr.
Kaye was doing 3:30 to 6 and Mr. Summer was doing overnights. I also
believe that Dick Summer was the immediate successor to Jefferson Kaye on
the overnight.

        The next trivia question is, I can't remember who had PM drive
before Mr. Kaye was moved up to that.  Who was it?

--Marty, holder of a Bruce Bradley Beach Boy Club card with a rare
two-digit low number that I used to be able to remember for sure but now I
only can say I think it's #65 and it's stuck away somewhere in one of my
dusty old desks, I hope.