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RE: WBZ overnights

I remember listening to Dick Summer at night from my 6-transistor GE
portable in Colorado Springs, CO during the fall of 67, but I'm not sure I
can say it was all fall into winter.


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> >Dick Summer was all-night on WBZ by March, 1964 (from an aircheck).  He
> >was replaced by Dave Michaels (listed in the Globe February 4, 1968), but
> >I don't know exactly when.
> >
> I know it was some time in the autumn of 1967, probably in late September.
> Jay Dunn left, and there was a major shuffling of jocks, with only Carl
> deSuze remaining in the same airshift.  As I recall in the new schedule
> Carl did AM drive, then Ron Landry 9:30-12:30, Dave Maynard 12:30-3:30
> followed by Bruce Bradley 3:30-6 and then Dick Summer 8-mid.  This was in
> reaction to WRKO pulling the rug out from under WBZ's market dominance.  I
> think they also started carrying the Patriots that year, too.  The
> transition away from Top 40 had begun.