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Re: WBZ overnights


I have a Boston Traveler schedule dated May 7, 1956 which says Jack
Loring was on WBZ starting at 11:30PM; it doesn't indicate how late he
was on.  But the Boston Daily American schedule (same date) says it was
Jack Loring till dawn.  Same for the American December 26, 1956.

The Globe listing for February 1, 1960 shows WBZ aired "Midnight Riders"
starting at midnight.

The Globe listing for February 3, 1963 lists "Club O'K" as starting at
11:30PM (no end time indicated).

Dick Summer was all-night on WBZ by March, 1964 (from an aircheck).  He
was replaced by Dave Michaels (listed in the Globe February 4, 1968), but
I don't know exactly when.

By February, 1969 Bill Garcia was listed in the Globe as the all-night
host.  He was replaced by Larry Glick sometime before the Glboe listing
of February 1, 1970.  Glick was still doing it as of my last Globe daily
schedule (January 11, 1976).

I don't have anything which documents when Dave Maynard took over from
The Commander, or when Bob Raleigh took over from Maynard, but I know
Raleigh was doing overnights by at least February 4, 1983; he retired
June 9, 1999.

A host of part-timers hosted the Saturday overnight shift including Jim
Sands (Globe, February 1, 1970); Jack Miller (Globe, April 4, 1971); Dick
Summer (his second time through/Globe, June 4, 1972); Joel Zelle (Globe,
September 10, 1972);Tom Hopkins (Globe, May 27, 1973); Dan Rea (!)
(Globe, October 27, 1974); Robin Young (airchecks from late 74-mid 75).

Ed Brouder
Man From Mars Productions

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