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On Mon, 3 Jul 2000 RWalker653@aol.com wrote:

> I'm curious to know more about how the club jock did the mix on the air. I 
> know the technology was a little less advanced than it is now, weren't there 
> just awful mixes on the air? Did the turntables even have an adjustable pitch 
> control?

When I got there (September 1980, about 6 months after the end of Disco),
WBOS had a couple of SP-10 Mark IIs, not pitch-adjustable, and a couple of
other Technics turntables -- I think they were SL-1200's, but my memory is
not what I wish it were -- that had variable pitch controls. The AM side,
WUNR, had a lot of QRK and Russco rim-drive "Rumblemasters". 

The early Disco format seems to have included a lot of songs on
reel-to-reel tapes -- many of the tapes were still out at the Newton
transmitter site as recently as 10 years ago.

"Disco 93" was run from the WUNR transmitter site in Newton. There were
some WUNR studios at the Bradford in Boston (fifth floor, formerly WBZ, or
so I'm told) with the sales offices, but all WBOS programming came out of
Newton until 1981. 

Rob Landry