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me, myself, and...

(Hope this didn't come up already; I was off the list
for a week as I was away). In the new movie "Me Myself
and Irene", you can spot 3 Boston radio personalities:

Steve Sweeney (soon to be Tai's partner on the WZLX
morning show after Charles Laquidara retires) is Jim
Carrey's next door neighbor, and WEEI morning team
John Dennis and Gerry Callahan are in the Vermont
motel scene-- Callahan as a state trooper, and Dennis
as a reporter. They don't have speaking roles but
Sweeney does.

Other Boston TV and radio personalities have been
in films as well; Howie Carr is seen and heard at the
beginning of "A Civil Action" and the horror film
"Piranha" had a TV reporter played by someone who
later went on to Ch. 4 (Ted Wayman I believe?)--
this man was living and working in Texas at the time
the film was shot. And I remember seeing the trailer
for the film "Mermaids" and could swear I saw Rex
Trailer as a doctor.

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