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Re: Turntables (was WBOT)

But I think you will find radio stations where all using Technics SP-15's and
25's even before this. 1200's where the lighter, cheaper and portable scaled down
versions made for club dj use. I have seen 1200's used at some college and high
school stations where they just didn't have the budgets for their professional

RWalker653@aol.com wrote:

> I did some more research and I stand corrected.
> "Sometime in the early 70's Technics released the original SL-1200 as a hi-fi
> turntable. Then sometime around 1978-79 they did some work improving the
> motor, redesigning the casing, adding a separate ground wire, etc. and
> released the SL-1200Mark2. This is what the majority of DJ's have and this
> design still endures today"
> ~from the "Technichs SL1200 FAQ Page"
> http://music.hyperreal.org/dj/sl1200.html