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In a message dated 7/3/00 8:20:56 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
brian_vita@cssinc.com writes:

> Didn't the bird's beaks get dull?  Just how long ago do you think this was? 
>  Sometime around the Flintstones? The Technic turntables did have pitch 
>  controls *and* even timing marks on the perimeter of the platter. It was a 
>  real bitch cueing up those wax cylinders though... ;-)

Well, when I think of 1978 radio, in my mind I see old Russco or Gates 
turntables. I know the "DJ standard" turntable, the Technic SL-1200 didn't 
come into use 'til the mid 80's, and most club jocks were using belt drive 
turntables with rudimentary pitch control.

The art of beat mixing really came into it's own in the early 80's... when 
the New York Street DJs perfected it.

So, I guess the question I should be asking is, "how involved were the mixes?"

Rob @ XLO