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Hasn't the Technics 1200 been around since the late 70s?  

What about the other generation of direct-drive Technics record players
that were on a wooden base? The ones that had either 3 or 2 speeds, a
rotary pitch control on the front - you had to buy the arm, cover, base
and turntable/motor assy. separately.  These things cost like $1000 and

I remember using them at WSIA and WNYU here in NYC.  'SIA had the
two-speed version, 'NYU has the 3-speed version with an LED
digital-display pitch control that was activated using three buttons: -,
reset, +.

I think it was the SP-15 or something like that.  They were very beautiful
turntables (when on the wooden base-boards); and very accurate.  I think
they used the same motor as the SL-1200.

Anyone else know what I'm talking about?

On Mon, 3 Jul 2000 RWalker653@aol.com wrote:
> Well, when I think of 1978 radio, in my mind I see old Russco or Gates 
> turntables. I know the "DJ standard" turntable, the Technic SL-1200 didn't 
> come into use 'til the mid 80's, and most club jocks were using belt drive 
> turntables with rudimentary pitch control.

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