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Re: R: Bob Kurtz Leaves NESN

--- Joseph Gallant <notquite@hotmail.com> wrote:

> Although NESN has in recent years preferred to have separate announcers from 
> over-the-air TV for both the Sox and Bruins

Not too recent for The Sox. They are actually into their
13th season of having separate announcer teams on over-the-air
and pay cable. Starting with the 1988 season, it was Sean and
Monty on 38 and Ned and Jerry on NESN....

The Bruins just finished their their 5th season of having
separate broadcast identities. Dale Arnold took over for 
Fred Cusick on NESN at the start of 1996/97 season....

>I wouldn't be surprised to see him and Jerry Remy call the Sox 
> all-season next year for both NESN and WFXT, meaning that the two of them 
> would do about 150 of the Sox' 162 regular-season games.
Agreed, but that may not happen for couple more years or until
Viacom is persuaded to sell its shares of NESN to FOX...

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