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Re: WJUL Among the MIssing / Philips

I worked in Shawsheen Vlg in Andover, not to far from
Philips until last August. They have done the open
carrier thing for the last three years! Philips Exeter
(NH) at times would leave their 90.5 carrier on also,
although all I hear in Derry NH is the Worcester 90.5
Now I work within a spit of WKLB's tower (same


 WPAA 91.7 Philips Academy, Andover
> broadcasts
> an unmodulated carrier.  Did the kids go home and
> forget
> to turn off the transmitter?  And does anybody in
> the
> Swindle I mean Spindle City know whaaazzup at WJUL?
> Laurence from Methuen 

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