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Re: Bob Kurtz resigns from NESN

--- Sptseditor@aol.com wrote:
> If Sean McDonough would only do it, though I doubt he wants to broadcast 150 
> baseball games a season and probably wants to keep his network options open.

Since you're looking at about 15-20 NESN games in September,
they'll probably go with Bob Rodgers, NESN in-studio
host and Red Sox pregame/postgame host since 1993. Rodges also
does about a dozen PawSox games(on NESN) with Rico Petrocelli.
Rodgers has been with NESN for 13 years. 

Remember that how's Kurtz moved up from studio host(1989-1992)to
do play-by-play starting with the 1993 season after Gillett Comm.(then
TV38 owner) disgracefully forced NESN management to dismiss Ned
Martin  on the last day of the 1992 season.

If Fox Sports ever gets around to buying out NESN, you
could potentially see McDonough take over NESN's play-by-play
role to create a stronger identity and synergy between Fox25
and the sports pay cable outlet.


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