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RE: Another AM over and out

Going back a couple of weeks to the thread about former AM stations.

Was in Millinocket ME the other day, and did stop by to check out
WSYY-1240, and they ARE on the air. They smulcast their FM Country
format, and ID as "North Country 95"  Only heard one top-of-the-hour ID
as simply "WSYY Millinocket", no mention of FM or AM. Not exactly legal
in my book.

Their FM antenna is a nice 10-bay rig atop a 135-foot tower on Hammond
Ridge about 5 miles outside of Millinocket.I did follow the power lines
and climbed to the top of the hill
 to see the site. It's easy to see how their signal clobbers WHOM. The
AM tower is about 1000 feet behind the studios. A sign outside of the
studios says WSYY North Country 95FM, 1240-AM Good Time Oldies; even
though they now simulcast the country FM according to their
receptionist, and the ony person in the place.

And by the way, WSYY studios are about 1000 feet outside the Millinocket
town line in Township 3, Indian Purchase.

So now you all know.

Rod O'Connor
Southwest Harbor, Maine