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Re: another AM over and out

<< <<On Thu, 01 Jun 2000 23:49:42 -0400, SteveOrdinetz 
<steveord@wavewizard.com> said:
 > Were they running with some sort of CD jukebox automation around
 > then? >>

WZPK was not running any type of automation when I arrived there in '93. The 
standard Denon CD cart machines were in place, with most of the music played 
off TM Century GoldDisc and HitDisc. I understand the record service was 
pretty spotty prior to my arrival and they needed to buy the currents and 

I had heard stories of an automation system that was filled with glitches and 
mis-cued songs. As a matter of fact, I remember a newspaper clipping showing 
a photo of Engineer Roger Brace working on installing what looked like a 
Pioneer CD jukebox, but in all my time there, I never saw any of that 
equipment anywhere in the building.

And, an educated guess as to the system that was there? I would probably say 
TM Century's UDS. The "Ultimate Digital Studio" used Pioneer CD changers and 
the Computer Concepts DCS harddrive system for spots, liners and jingles. The 
voice track system was crude at best, and would account for the previously 
mentioned liner over a cold intro. Even though UDS is a VERY outdated system 
by today's standards, it still works and is currently STILL on the air, 
running a soft AC format at one of the stations in Little Rock, where I was 
prior to XLO. 

Rob Walker
104.5 WXLO