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RE: [RE: A Providence TV Question.]

The new WTNH tower was built under the intentions that WTNH was going to get
a UHF digital assignment. That's one of the reasons why the tower is so big.
Currently, WPLR has a Shively labs 2 bay panel antenna mounted to the new
tower close to the top, and WKCI has a two bay generic antenna side mounted
below WPLR's. Both stations also have auxiliary 2 bay antennas mounted to
the tower. The reason they aren't on the old tower is because it was
dismantled for the new tower (which sat along side the access road for
months). It was my understanding that WKCI is being forced to construct its
own tower up there at a lower height (like 600' or something) with a
slightly higher power. But the problems didn't effect WPLR's setup.


>         Scott Fybush has been following the story of putting up new
> tower(s) on that ridge and maybe can update better. I think the current
> situation is that WTNH and WBNE and WTNH-DT are on a new tower that WTNH
> put on the air about a year ago--built to accommodate DT. I know that WPLR
> switched to a new antenna in the last year or two, also, that improved its
> signal a bit up in the Hartford area, but I don't know if that's another
> new tower up there or whether it's on the new TV tower. WKCI for some
> reason cannot go on the new WTNH tower and is having one of those local
> zoning hassles in Hamden over getting authorization to build its own new
> tower a few yards away. Why are they being hassled, you might well ask.
> Well, who knows. One of the things I don't know is why the old WTNH tower
> isn't continuing to be available to WKCI, either by lease or by
> sale. IIRC,
> the WKCI C.P. is for somewhat more height with lower power.