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RE: [RE: A Providence TV Question.]

>Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:
>Here in Agawam (with a brand new rooftop VHF), I can receive
>the two Hartford VHF's (3 and 8) very clear.

        Let me jump in ahead of all the other nitpickers lurking around
here, :<)), to say channel 8 is New Haven (transmitter just outside the
city limits) while 3 is Hartford (transmitter on the ridge in Avon which
also has WTIC (AM), WTIC-FM and WEDH, 24, the public TV).

        The odd dual market of Hartford-New Haven had the oddity in the
early days of being a relatively larger medium market but having only one
station, 8 (originally on 6, as we have discussed), for quite awhile. And
then the next station on was a UHF, 30, in 1953. And a further oddity was
that, IIRC, 30 was owned either when it signed or shortly after that by
NBC. You'd never think one of the networks had a UHF as an o-and-o back
then. NBC sold it after awhile, although since a year or two ago it's an
NBC o-and-o again. Channel 3 did not come on until well after the freeze.
It signed on in 1957 (like 5 in Boston and a bunch of others).