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RE: [RE: A Providence TV Question.]

>>Mike Fitzpatrick wrote:
>>Here in Agawam (with a brand new rooftop VHF), I can receive
>>the two Hartford VHF's (3 and 8) very clear.

oops, I meant the Hartford Market.

>        Let me jump in ahead of all the other nitpickers lurking around
>here, :<)), to say channel 8 is New Haven (transmitter just outside the
>city limits)

On Gaylord Mountain in Hampden along with WBNE-59, WKCI 101.3, and WPLR 99.1 (all on the same tower!)

> while 3 is Hartford (transmitter on the ridge in Avon which
>also has WTIC (AM), WTIC-FM and WEDH, 24, the public TV).

Talcott Mountain.
and WHCT-18 and WWUH 91.3. 

for a few months, WWLP-TV was the second station that was viewable in 
the Hartford market (originally on Channel 61), a few months before 
channel 30 signed on. AND to make it even more interesting, WWLP signed
on as a NBC affiliate. 

There is a fairly decent condensed history on our (WWLP's) website.