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Re: A Providence TV Question.

My understanding from the tech types I knew was that 10 and 12 had SEVERE
problems in the Boston core area because of Great Blue Hill.......yet 4, 5
and 7 at times put a better signal into Northern Rhode Island from the
Needham/Newton farm because nothing was blocking the signals path. (bars in
Pawtucket and Central Falls always would have the Boston signal) BUT I can
also remember pubs downtown ( Beacon Hill/So Station) that could always get
10 and 12 clearer than the Boston outlets.

If I unplug my cable 10 and 12 come in as well as 4 and 5 and better than
2.........( 7 actually comes in better off air than cable), and this is
between Harvard and Central Sq.

The reverse happened in New Hampshire many years ago.....in the days before
cable, people pointed their antennas towards Boston which meant that most
got an awful signal from Channel 9 which was west of the city.. ( in fact
WMUR had a translator on Elm Street using Channel 13 for many years because
of this)

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> On 13 Jun 2000,  PublicRef2 wrote:
> > I would suspect--being too young to have been around
> > then--that as Channel 11, WJAR's signal (I think they've been
> > from Rehobeth, Mass. from the beginning) carried much further to the
> > than to the west or southwest. Thus, the signal was probably very strong
> > and clear in greater Boston, but interference-laiden in New London
(which I
> > think would be the same distance from Rehobeth as Boston is).
> It wasn't that clear in Boston.  In fact, it isn't to this day.  I can't
> get Channel 10 at all where I live now, in Washington Square, Brookline.
> A number of years ago, when I lived in Coolidge Corner, I could get it,
> but with some snow.
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