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Re: A Providence TV Question.

On 13 Jun 2000,  PublicRef2 wrote:

> I would suspect--being too young to have been around
> then--that as Channel 11, WJAR's signal (I think they've been transmitting
> from Rehobeth, Mass. from the beginning) carried much further to the north
> than to the west or southwest. Thus, the signal was probably very strong
> and clear in greater Boston, but interference-laiden in New London (which I
> think would be the same distance from Rehobeth as Boston is).
It wasn't that clear in Boston.  In fact, it isn't to this day.  I can't 
get Channel 10 at all where I live now, in Washington Square, Brookline.  
A number of years ago, when I lived in Coolidge Corner, I could get it, 
but with some snow.

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