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Re: a Providence TV question

On 13 Jun 2000,  Garrett Wollman wrote:

> And Scott can tell the story of a whole wave of channel reassignments
> across upstate New York which had an effect on almost every market,
> triggered in part by the move of WRGB in Schenectady to channel 6
> (from channel 5 IIRC).  I've heard this story but I don't think the
> list has.

WRGB moved from channel 4, not 5.

As for the question of when these shifts took place, we moved from Boston 
to Albany just after Thanksgiving 1953.  I remember noticing the 
Providence change in the newspaper TV listings before we moved.  In 
Allston, we couldn't get WJAR on either channel, though I think I once 
tried and got sound on Channel 10.

The change for WRGB took place early in 1954, probably January.  I 
remember that changeover.  We had an early TV set which didn't have an 
adjustable fine tuning control.  When WRGB moved, we had a really screwed 
up picture on channel 6 and a slightly better one on 5.  People with older 
TVs had to get a repairman to come and adjust the screw adjustment on the 
tuner.  And there was a bit of a wait to get one.  Finally, my father took 
a screwdriver, wrapped electric tape around it, and made the adjustment 

We moved back to the Boston area in May 1957, so I saw the sign-on of WHDH-
TV, Channel 5.  And I used that same tape-wrapped screwdriver to adjust 
that same old TV for good reception on channel 5.  By that time, it was 
our second TV, and I was the one who watched it most.

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