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Re: Hub radio legend will say aloha this fall

Yes, Charles has meant a lot to Boston radio. He will
be missed, but it's good that WZLX has picked Tai and
Steve Sweeney to replace him. I've enjoyed Tai's work
in the past (he serves as tech. advisor to my station,
WMWM, as well) and you'll remember Steve's many
appearances on various shows (like Jerry Williams)
as Kevin White, "the mayah of the schitty o'Borston".

One Charles story I remember: in the early days of
'BCN, their control board suddenly broke. They looked
inside and saw a ribbon. Turned out someone had
gone to the station and gave them a present--
a snowball wrapped in a ribbon, and somehow it had
placed there and forgotten.

Well, best of luck Charles and "we'll see you again
on the--where?---'biiiiiiiiiiiig Mattress'...if the
creek don't rise and the good Lord's willin'"

(Note: that last bit was something Hank Williams used
to say. The blues-rock band Canned Heat did a live
concert on WBCN once and they said that at the end,
and somehow 'Chuck' picked up on it.)

And then there was 'BCN's astrologer,Daryl Martinie,
who got his name from the National Lampoon spoof 
"Deteriorata": "Make peace with your God whatever
you conceive him to be, hairy thunderer or Cosmic

Ah, memories...

--- Kevin Vahey <kvahey@mediaone.net> wrote:
> After nearly three decades on Boston radio, Charles
> Laquidara is rolling up
> the Big Mattress and moving to Hawaii.

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