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RE: Hub radio legend will say aloha this fall

I'm glad I airchecked him doing different big mattress contests long ago...
so if anyone wants to walk down memory lane with Chuchkkk, Ken Shelton,
etc... I can put together a compilation of Big Mattress this coming fall. I
still have some other long-working aircheck projects to work on first. Feel
free to chime in to request a copy once it's done...

I also borrowed that sign off from Charles on my WYHI show awhile back. I
usually try to find different ways to tip my hat to my radio influences
growing up. For me in the morning perspective it used to be Jack Peterson,
WLLH Lowell (Lawrence - S), Dale Dorman. WRKO, and of course, Charles

Ron Gitschier
Columbia, South America
a LONG way from home in Lowell....
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> Yes, Charles has meant a lot to Boston radio. He will
> be missed, 
> One Charles story I remember: in the early days of
> 'BCN, their control board suddenly broke. They looked
> inside and saw a ribbon. Turned out someone had
> gone to the station and gave them a present--
> a snowball wrapped in a ribbon, and somehow it had
> been
> placed there and forgotten.
> Well, best of luck Charles and "we'll see you again
> on the--where?---'biiiiiiiiiiiig Mattress'...if the
> creek don't rise and the good Lord's willin'"
> (Note: that last bit was something Hank Williams used
> to say. The blues-rock band Canned Heat did a live
> concert on WBCN once and they said that at the end,
> and somehow 'Chuck' picked up on it.)
> And then there was 'BCN's astrologer,Daryl Martinie,
> who got his name from the National Lampoon spoof 
> "Deteriorata": "Make peace with your God whatever
> you conceive him to be, hairy thunderer or Cosmic
> Muffin"...
> Ah, memories...