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Re: Bruins Radio

For awhile WEEI has run liners/ IDs which say that
they're "the home of the Stanley Cup Playoffs!".
And I thought, well, since most of the games will be
opposite Red Sox games, people will be lucky to hear
the end of the hockey game, if that. Tonight, after
the Red Sox game wrapped up, WEEI carried the third
period of the Stars-Devils Stanley Cup game,
followed by the end of the Lakers-Trail Blazers
NBA playoff.

I think, by contract, WEEI has to carry all of the
Red Sox postgame; then they can switch to hockey or
basketball. There is a need for a "sister station"
to pick up stuff like the hockey or basketball
playoffs (remember how WEEI had AM 1150?).
Or have another station do it. Somehow I remember
stations like WESX, WJDA, and WKOX picking up the
Stanley Cup games before.

Bizarre idea: Entercom buys WROL (950) and either
simulcasts WEEI programming on it, plus other sporting
events, or they can put syndicated sports from ESPN
Radio or Sportsfan. They could promote themselves
as "AM 850 and AM 950". Naah, they probably wouldn't
do it. And now that I think of it, we _do_ have
another sports station in town (WNRB 1510). Did the
NHL try to place the playoff games on WNRB?

> >Joseph Gallant wrote:
> >I can't believe WBZ isn't the local
> outlet for the Finals.

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