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Re: Bruins Radio

>Joseph Gallant wrote:
>Opinion: Shouldn't the radio flagship station for each NHL team be the
>station in that market to get Westwood One's broadcasts of the Stanley
>Cup Finals? I can't believe WBZ isn't the local outlet for the Finals.
>Bostonians will be lucky to catch the tail end of two of three Finals
>games on WEEI--after Red Sox games end. I suspect that WEEI won't cut or
>eliminate the Red Sox postgame show to join hockey earlier (although if
>they did, we'd probably get the third period of each game of the
>Finals), meaning that some nights, the Stanley Cup game could be over
>before the Red Sox postgame (30 minute) shows are.

        The odd thing here is, IMO, that the NHL contract wouldn't provide
that either the game is carried live and complete, or the league gets to
move it to another station.