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Re: Bruins Radio

>Joseph Gallant wrote:
>One other note: Would WABC radio in New York (the New Jersey Devils'
>flagship) bump Yankees baseball  to 1560 to accomodate the Devils
>tonight or anytime during the finals? Or would the Devils continue to be
>on 1560, as they have been for most playoff games? I believe when the
>New York Rangers made it to the 1994 finals, that several Mets' baseball
>games were bumped to WEVD-1050 so WFAN could carry the finals.

        Not tonight, as the Devils are on WQEW at the moment. But just when
I tuned in to check, the announcer said Thursday night's game would be on
WABC. Maybe the Yankees have a night off? I can't check, as I sure as !#@$
don't have a Yankees' schedule in the house :)