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Re: Bruins Radio

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With Chuck Kaiton out of the running to be the new Bruins' radio voice,
there are two possibilities:

(1)With the CBS/Viacom merger, WBZ radio and WSBK-TV 38 go to a
simulcast with Dave Shea and Bob Beers, with Shea and Beers on 'BZ only
for those games televised on NESN or ABC;

(2) Bernie Corbett, the longtime radio voice of Boston University
hockey. Corbett would come "cheap"--as he has no NHL experience--but did
get rave reviews for his broadcast of that five-overtime NCAA playoff
game against St. Lawrence this past March.His worked on that game was
favorably compared to top NHL play-callers.

Opinion: Shouldn't the radio flagship station for each NHL team be the
station in that market to get Westwood One's broadcasts of the Stanley
Cup Finals? I can't believe WBZ isn't the local outlet for the Finals.
Bostonians will be lucky to catch the tail end of two of three Finals
games on WEEI--after Red Sox games end. I suspect that WEEI won't cut or
eliminate the Red Sox postgame show to join hockey earlier (although if
they did, we'd probably get the third period of each game of the
Finals), meaning that some nights, the Stanley Cup game could be over
before the Red Sox postgame (30 minute) shows are.

(However, there is an outside chance that WEEI might get to air game 6
on Saturday night, June 10th, if needed, in it's entirety. I have heard
that night's Red Sox/Atlanta game in Atlanta may be moved to the
afternoon for Fox television. If that happens, and the Finals go to a
sixth game, then WEEI would be able to air game 6 live)

One other note: Would WABC radio in New York (the New Jersey Devils'
flagship) bump Yankees baseball  to 1560 to accomodate the Devils
tonight or anytime during the finals? Or would the Devils continue to be
on 1560, as they have been for most playoff games? I believe when the
New York Rangers made it to the 1994 finals, that several Mets' baseball
games were bumped to WEVD-1050 so WFAN could carry the finals.

Joseph Gallant
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