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Re: NERW 5/26: Can a Kiss Hurt a Fly?

Scott Fybush wrote:
> *It looks like there's a CHR war brewing in NEW YORK's Capital
> Region, as Albany Broadcasting's WFLY (92.3 Troy) gets its first real
> competition in a decade<snip> Clear Channel, ...turned off the
> classic rock at WXCR (102.3 Ballston Spa) Thursday night and began
> stunting with a loop that included the sounds of a "FLY"-swatter
> and a voice crying "Help me!" At 9 this morning (5/26), Albany
> bureau chief Gavin Burt reports thedebut of "102.3 Kiss-FM,"

Apparently KISS sent long-stem rose boxes to the staff at WFLY,
each containing Hershey Kisses and a fly swatter.

Roger Kirk