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CBC Radio Ratings in Montreal

As requested by Doug Broda, here's how CBC Radio fared in the recent ratings
book from BBM as regards their English and French outlets in Montreal...


Radio One:          1.7 share, down from 1.8
                    10,500 quarter-hour average

Radio Two:          1.6 share, down from 1.5
                    8,500 quarter-hour average


Radio One:          3.9 share, down from 4.5
                    28,400 quarter-hour average

Radio Two:          1.1 share, down from 2.0
                    7,900 quarter-hour average

In all cases, were significantly better than the horrific numbers posted by
CINW 940NEWS...As recounted in today's Montreal Gazette (Mike Boone's
column) ---

When the BBM ratings came out on Wednesday, CJAD 800AM's Program Director,
Rick Moffat, noted that CINW had featured its first-ever ratings as the
second item on a newscast...."We'd have done a story on their numbers also,"
Moffat said, "but it's station policy not to report suicides."

Practically leading a newscast with a report indicating the station had lost
half its listeners and was dead last amongst 18 outlets in the city?  A
death wish for sure.


Stephen Pickford

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