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Re: Orpheus

The forthcoming soundtrack to "Me, Myself & Irene" includes a cover of
"Can't Find The Time" by none other than Hootie & The Blowfish.   Caught it
off an advance CD yesterday and have to say the band really nailed it.   I
am not sure if or when Elektra will make it a single and bring it to radio
but would be interested in your reaction should you hear it.

I still love the original (the MGM LP version) too!

[BTW, The flick opens 6/23 and is set in Rhode Island.]

Jay Fink
Northeast One Stop
Latham (Albany), NY

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:   WODS plays the full length album version of "Can't Find the Time" by
: Orpheus.I know that the single version is commercially available on CD(on
: Dick Bartley Oldies CD),never seen the album version in stores on CD
: however.
: Mark Watson